Rolls Repair

All Makeup Rolls are Repairable with seasoned fabrication, repair veterans, and high-tech techniques, United Gear Works is the one of the best company in roller repair companies.


Rolls Repair to O.E.M specs
We Rebuild and Repair

Over last 55 years, we have worked on nearly every type of paper mill roll on both the repair, rebuilt and fabrication sides of the process.

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United Gear Works can rebuild and recondition ,
back to O.E.M Specifications even if rolls are chipped, gouged, or just worn down from wear.

United Gear Works is specialize in repairing of a series of large mill rolls used in their steel processing operation. We use a multi-step procedure for the reconstruction of the mill rolls
Rebuilding and repairing rolls for steel processing facilities. Build up rolls with weld, Mill welded surface back down to required dimensions and finish, Machine journals to appropriate specifications and Machine keyway

Roller after being completely rebuilt. It looks like new, and is ready to perform like new. This is what our heat transfer roll repairs can do.

United Gear Works roll reconditioning and repair services can include the removal of seized chocks and bearings, and more importantly, the weld repair of the roll journals. United Gear Works uses only the highest quality vacuum degassed clean steel, properly forged to meet the strictest ultrasonic testing standards in the roll industry.

United Gear Works
Specialize in the rebuilding of all types of rolls. We can rebuild and recondition back to O.E.M

Beginning with the highest quality forging, United Gear Works applies its unique High Gradient Heat Treatment to achieve the microstructure needed for high performance in the rolling mill.

At United Gear Works Rolls are engineered for optimal performance and a value-added solution to the demanding needs of the hot steel strip coiling application. The top pinch rolls are supplied as an assembly comprising a forged alloy steel through-shaft, two forged alloy steel hubs.

To increase your rolls service life, United Gear Works uses the following superior technologies:
• Spray and Fuse Process
• Plasma Transferred Arc
• Automated Welding with Shielding Gas
• Automated Open-Arc Welding
• Cold Spray Process
• High Velocity Oxy-Fuel Powder Spraying

Rolls Repair by United Gear Works

United Gear Works can build up and regrind to original specs. Bearing surface can also be repaired. Center less grinding and rebuild on all center less rolls. United Gear Works will determine the cause of any failure and provide this information along with our quote. Misalignment, excessive heat or overloading in your machine will be noted. Where most other companies would quote to simply sell you new rolls, We have the skill level on 3 shifts and machine capability to perform even the most complex repairs. United Gear Works will complete all work efficiently and Guarantee all work for (48) months from time of installation.

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List of Rolls that we work and many others foreign or domestic

Aluminum Mill Rolls repair
Analocks repair
Accumulator Roll repair
Bridle Roll repair
Cast Film Extrusion Roll repair
Coating Roll repair
Cooling Rolls repair
Corona Treating Roll repair
Corrugated Rolls repair
Crusher rolls repair
Dancer Roll repair
Deflector Roll repair
Draw Roll repair
Drive Roll repair
Embossing Back Up Roll repair
Film Conditioning Roll repair
Forming Rolls repair
Glue Pot Rolls repair
Guide rolls repair
Hold Down Roll repair
Ink Fountain Roll repair
Laminating Roll repair
Leveler Roll repair
Leveler Rolls repair
Lightweight Idler Roll repair
Metering Roll repair
Mill Rolls repair
Oiler Roller repair
Paint Applicator Roll repair
Paper Mill Rolls repair
Pass Roll repair
Pick Up Roll repair
Plastic/Sheet Rolls repair
Plate Out Roll repair
Pull Roll repair
Rubber Rolls repair
Shingle Manufacturing rolls repair
Snubber Roll repair
Splicing Bump Roll repair
Squeegee and Wringer Roll repair
Steel Mill Rolls repair
Steering Roller repair
Straightener rolls repair
Thermal Transfer Roll repair
Tower Nip Roll repair
Transion Rolls repair
Turn Roller repair
Web Separator Roll repair
Winding Lay On Roll repair
Work rolls repair
Wrinkle Eliminating Roll repair
Z mill rolls repair