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Upon receipt at United Gear Works, the gearbox is identified and couplings or other attachments are removed. General condition of the gearbox is noted for our report; end float and backlash are measured and recorded. All shafts and gears are Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Crack checked . After a long service life, gearbox housings can be expected to be outside manufacturer's tolerances.

United Gear Works has over 55 years of experience repairing gearboxes, pumps, gears. We know how important this equipment is for you and our services are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We rebuild and repair all types of Gears, that are chipped, cracked or simply worn out. By building them back to O.E.M Specifications.

We use the latest tools and machinery, unique service and an expert workforce to provide you with solutions to your power Gearbox & Gear applications. We will respond quickly to any service call or emergency repair needs. No Gears or Gearboxes are unrepairable to United Gear Works with saving up to 60% than O.E.M

We also Specialize in repairing Crane Wheels, Pumps, Rolls, Screws and Barrels, cutting equipments, Gearboxes and Gears.

United Gear Works has the experience to rebuild & repair a variety of gearbox types including Helical, Hypoid, Worm, Spiral Bevel, Planetary, Traction Drives and Spur. Our skilled technicians has advanced equipment capabilities, you can be sure that we will find and solve the problem very quick and efficiently.

United Gear Works is only choice for industrial gear and gearbox repair, pump repair, injection molding screw repair extruding screw repair, crane wheel repair, industrial shredder repair and many more kinds of industrial machinery.

Gearbox Repair maintain levels of excellence in quality, productivity and customer satisfaction to compete effectively in the market place, United Gear Works focuses on medium to high quality gearing applications as we feel this is our niche in the market place

United Gear Works

We can repair all types of gears such as steel, cast iron, bronze gears, brass and warm gears.

We Offer Free Pick Up and Delivery Across the US

Repair and Recondition all Types of Blowers Pumps and impellers Stainless Steel Nickel, Brass, Cast iron, hard Faced " alloy 88 "and nylon material. We have a unique way of repairing and rebuilding pump housings by building up and regrinding, machining the worn areas, when they are gouged, chipped, cracked or simply worn out. building up impellers and regrinding or machining back to original size. Saving up to 70% from O.E.M No pump is scrap or unrepairable to United Gear Works

All of our work is backed by our guarantee not to chip, flake, peel or wear out, within a period of a 24, 36 or 48 months.

All of our work carries a longer life and longer where guarantee. See Guarantee & Turnaround For fast dependable service please Contact Us.