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Gear Repair To O.E.M Specs!


We are the Gear Repair Experts with over 55 years experience in repairing, rebuilding, and reconditioning Gears back to OEM Specifications. United Gear Works is dedicated to providing you world-class service! Our experienced team of professionals will rebuild your gears back to the original specifications at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new equipment. If you have a Gear that needs repaired or reconditioned give us a call today. One of our Gear Repair Specialists will give you a free estimate and arrange for shipping and initial inspection. Once our team has inspected your Gear we will send a detailed report with a final estimate based on the scope of repairs needed.

Our Gearbox Repair Process

Step 1 Cleaning exterior of Gearbox and identification

Step 2 Remove all bolts from the gearbox

Step 3 Disassembly for Gearbox preliminary evaluation of the condition and repair required

Step 4 Mag inspect Gearbox

Step 5 inspect all Gears

Step 6 Customer communication of condition of the Gearbox

Step 7 Parts to be repaired or, reverse engineered parts where needed required for Gearbox rebuild

Step 8 Failure analysis during complete disassembly and evaluation of the component wear and damage

Step 9 Cleaning all internal components and housing

Step 10 Check all bearings diameters in housing

Step 11 Check all shafts

Step 12 Inspect all Gears

Step 13 Set up check line bore of gearbox

Step 14 Repair and rebuild Gears back to O.E.M

Step 15 Replacing all bearings seals and gaskets

Step 16 Repair and rebuild all shafts back to O.E.M

Step 17 Re aligning all gears shafts and bearings back to O.E.M

Step 18 Put a dial indicator on each shaft and Ck end bearings clearance

Step 19 Rebuild worn out and damaged surfaces

Step 20 Reverse engineer and manufacture new parts when O.E.M parts are unavailable or lead time is not acceptable

Step 21 Assembly of the Gearbox per O.E.M specifications and engineering instructions assuring required fit of components and considering field application of the Gearbox repair

Step 22 Sand blast all internal and external gearbox

Step 23 Paint internal gearbox

Step 24 Reassemble gearbox tighten all bolts

Step 25 Put vibration analysis probs to each bearing area

Step 26 Install gearbox on a test machine

Step 27 Paint external gearbox

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United Gear Works specializes in gear repairs onsite or in our facility. United Gear Works has lifting capacity to handle any size gear in our workplace. United Gear Works has the expertise to handle any Gear repair.